Hi. We're Viceroy.
We're a humble and happy umbrella company of direct to consumer brands.
The Fragile Club • Nootrostax • Smart Cover • GoodGumi • Plus More

Get to know a few of our brands...

The Fragile Club

Wear a brand that starts a conversation. The Fragile Club advocates for Mental Health awareness and uses their apparel to end the stigma towards being Fragile. By outfitting communities in trendy merch with a bold FRAGILE, they send a clear message to all those mentally struggling… you are not alone.


Nootrostax is a worldwide pioneer in cognitive enhancing formulas. Using modern technologies and advanced techniques, Nootrostax has crafted capsules that boost mental performance. From richer focus, faster data digestion straight to clearer thought processing and higher motivation levels the results are obvious. 


Using the advanced Nanotechnology material, SmartCover provides 3-layered coverings designed with priority to comfort, safety and style. Constructed under the prescribed blueprint by medical professionals and the W.H.O, SmartCover is a leading architect in face cover solutions.

Coming Soon

 The focus of goodgumi is to supply families with adequate nutrition to increase overall health. By formulating a vitamin that satisfies the nutritional needs and appeals to the taste buds of everyone establishes an easy routine of continuing optimal health, as a family. 

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